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About Us

INDONESIA is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing countries in Asian region.

With many attractive factors and demographic bonus, Indonesia has become a prime destination for the international business and investment.


Based in Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia, Mahayana Asia Consulting is a boutique firm that provides business consulting services in Indonesia, specializing to support international businesses expanding their business and doing their operations in Indonesia.


We will assist you to experience a smooth landing in Indonesia, one of the most attractive markets in the world.


To become known for our expertise and a key provider of strategic consulting.



To provide our client with assistances and recommendations to find the best strategy for making best decisions.  The success of our client is our goal.




We are committed to develop positive and sustainable relationships with our clients.


We are committed to deliver outstanding quality of services and to deliver premium value to our clients.


We uphold the highest standard of integrity.


We are committed to continue improving and transforming ourselves to be a better company as a citizen of the world. 

Board Members
Foto LEILA.png
Leila Hady Djawas
Founder & CEO

Foto KARINA.png
Rini Karina Soewarna
Founder & COO

She has experience working in general trading company, foreign-affiliated apparel, fair trade company,
Indonesian ambassador's secretary, and freelance consultant. She regularly engaged in coordination
functions for major Japanese corporate officers and government projects between Indonesia and Japan.

Even after the establishment of the Company, in order to respond to numerous inquiries from Japanese
companies, she has been providing support services utilizing our extensive network, including the
representative of the Japan-Indonesia Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.

After graduating from the Faculty of Japanese Literature, she got a job at a major staffing agency in Japan where she gains valuable experience in recruiting, sales, and new business development.

She was entrusted to set up a one-stop support  department for Japanese companies entering the Indonesian branch.

She is familiar with licensing, visa-related, labor laws, etc., and has a track record of supporting the advancement of many foreign-affiliated companies, including Japanese companies.

She is familiar with complex Indonesian regulations and operational conditions, and can propose solutions tailored to each client's issue.

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